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Secure Remote Network Management and Network Access Control, the Case of University of Education-kumasi Campus

Remote network management and Network Access Control (NAC) are of immense interest to industry since it supports decision making in management and control, and eventually end-user satisfaction. The purpose of this project is to classify a successful remote network management and access control tool for remotely managing a network and network access control at the College of Technology Education, Kumasi. This study utilized remote management tools and network access control techniques such as SSH client, PacketFence and Remote Desktop applications to carefully troubleshoot issues that pertained to the administration of the network of College of Technology Education. The entire system was deployed based on Linux operating system architecture with various workstations and hand-held smart devices as clients; providing real-time network access to network support administrators to remotely resolve problems identified on the network. These systems were also implemented to ensure the operation of security systems and implementation of an effective network access control through the use of Captive Portal. The researcher recommended that since the implemented tools and techniques were able to successfully authenticate user/devices access to the LAN of the College of Technology Education, Kumasi, institutions, organizations etc. should adopt these techniques for network protection and user access control to ensure effective network policy enforcement.

Network Access Control (NAC), Secured Socket Host (SSH), Remote, Validation, Authentication, IP Security

APA Style

Rafique Agyare, Christian Adu-Boahene, Solomon Nii Nikoi. (2022). Secure Remote Network Management and Network Access Control, the Case of University of Education-kumasi Campus. International Journal of Systems Engineering, 6(1), 18-45.

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Rafique Agyare; Christian Adu-Boahene; Solomon Nii Nikoi. Secure Remote Network Management and Network Access Control, the Case of University of Education-kumasi Campus. Int. J. Syst. Eng. 2022, 6(1), 18-45. doi: 10.11648/j.ijse.20220601.13

AMA Style

Rafique Agyare, Christian Adu-Boahene, Solomon Nii Nikoi. Secure Remote Network Management and Network Access Control, the Case of University of Education-kumasi Campus. Int J Syst Eng. 2022;6(1):18-45. doi: 10.11648/j.ijse.20220601.13

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